SweepBright's native mobile design and features can dramatically simplify your work in order to save you time and costs. Discover the app's core features in this walkthrough video:

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  • Listing Manager - Create a new listing on location in just a few swipes directly from your phone and save valuable time or start on your computer and continue from your phone. You can work anyway you like.
  • Bright Matching - Properties and leads are easily matched. As a result, you can get in touch without any delay or brag about leads you already have while you are still visiting that property. Mail the matching properties to relevant contacts or choose to call, text or send an email to a preferred client. Your interactions are registered automatically!
  • Agency Website - SweepBright comes with your own responsive agency website and it’s actually live when you publish your first listing! You can easily add more functionality such as chat or visit scheduling to give your visitors that superior customer experience when they first get in touch with your brand.
  • Lead Management - Your contacts are always up to date with SweepBright’s powerful yet simple to use CRM. Follow up on your leads and interact with buyers and sellers while on the move!
  • Visit Scheduling - SweepBright allows you to schedule visits or viewings. Your visit request is registered as an interaction and your visitor is notified with an email containing all the useful details.
  • Instant Visibility - Stop losing hours or days before advertising a new listing. Get that listing instantaneously on your own website, your social media channels and on a range of real estate portals.

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