Younger, millennial home buyers spend a lot of time on social channels, which means real estate agencies must advertise properties on social networks such as Facebook if they want to reach that audience.

Facebook Lead Ads are also a great place for lead capture -- and SweepBright enables real estate agencies to automate this process.

When a prospect sees an ad for a property on Facebook and they register their interest, their information can automatically be entered as a new lead in SweepBright’s database.

The benefits of automating lead capture from Facebook Lead Ads include:

  • Easy lead information collection
  • Accurate data pre-populated by Facebook
  • Mobile-friendly data capture
  • Actionable leads are added automatically to your database
  • Speed of data capture enables rapid and targetted follow-up.

 With a Facebook Lead Ads-SweepBright integration you can automatically create a new lead in SweepBright whenever a new user submits a response to your Facebook Lead Ads.

When a prospect sees an ad for a property they like in their Facebook feed, they simply click on the ‘Learn more’ button to fill out details such as name, email and phone number. They may also visit the agency’s website.

When they hit ‘Submit’, their personal information is automatically entered into SweepBright, along with the property in which they expressed interest, and the lead is identified as coming from a Facebook Lead Ad.

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Sign up to use SweepBright and middleware provider Zapier for free and use them with Facebook Lead Ads to automate the process of capturing a lead’s information in SweepBright by following this simple guide:

1. MAKE A ZAP: Click on Make a Zap in Zapier and choose Facebook Lead Ads as your Trigger App.

2. CHOOSE A TRIGGER: In this case-  New Lead 

3. SET UP FACEBOOK LEAD ADS’ LEAD:  This way the lead is directly linked to the right property in SweepBright.


5. CREATE AND SET UP A SWEEPBRIGHT LEAD: This is where you tell SweepBright to automatically create a lead attached to a particular property when someone interacts with a Facebook Lead Ad.

6. ACTIVATE:  Now every time someone interacts with your Facebook Lead Ads, the information they provide through Facebook will automatically be added to SweepBright and linked to the particular property to which they responded.

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