Automation in action: promote your success on social with SweepBright + Facebook Pages

The faster you can communicate with your customers on their preferred channel, the better for attracting new leads and selling more properties -- particularly when it comes to millennials.

Most real estate agencies these days have a Facebook business page, which enables them to connect with customers, fans and followers on what is the world's largest social network.

You can create as many as 48 different automations between Facebook and SweepBright, making it easy and instantaneous to:

  • Create posts for new property listings and publish them in a tap of a button via SweepBright
  • Post photographs and videos
  • Update and add feedback and interactions to leads in SweepBright's CRM
  • Create a property sheet
  • Create lease, purchase or offer documents
  • Promote property status changes, such as when a property has been sold or leased.

Communicating a successful sale in a timely fashion on a channel such as Facebook is great marketing for a real estate agency and for the individual agent involved.

So it’s important for agents to update their agency’s Facebook business page quickly when a property is sold.

Sign up to use SweepBright and middleware provider Zapier for free and use them with your agency’s Facebook business page to automate the process of publishing a Facebook post when a property has been sold -- or leased -- following this simple 5-step guide:

1. MAKE A ZAP: Click on Make a Zap in Zapier and choose SweepBright as your Trigger App.

2. CHOOSE A TRIGGER: Select a SweepBright Trigger.

3. ADD A FILTER: Filters allow a Zap to proceed only when a certain condition is met,

choose Property Status from the drop down list,  and type Sold/Leased in the text field. 

4. ADD AN ACTION: This is where you choose what actually happens -- in this case publishing a Facebook post -- when the trigger above occurs.

5. ACTIVATE: You can then view a test Facebook page, name your Zap, and turn it on! Then every time you change the status of a property to ‘Sold’, SweepBright will automatically publish a post announcing the sale on your agency’s Facebook page.   

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