Internal communication tools can help increase productivity, help real estate agents share information, save time as well as  reduce dependence on email. Slack is a great tool for internal team interaction.

What is Slack?

Slack is a tool that you can use on your desktop and your phone to stay in touch - or chat-  with your team, in an organized and efficient way.

Many real estate agencies use internal messaging apps such as Slack to speed up communications and improve collaboration between team members and ensure all agency staff is aware of the status of a particular property.

This ensures staff are working effectively and are always operating on the most up-to-date information.

It enables agents to automate a number of time-consuming but important messages/notifications, including:

  • Getting Slack notifications when a new lead has been added
  • Getting a Slack notification when a property status has changed
  • Create Slack reminders when feedback has been added to a particular listing

It’s easy to set up automation using Slack, SweepBright and Zapier to, for example, inform your team when a property is sold, using the following 5-step process:

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1. MAKE A ZAP: Click on Make a Zap in Zapier and choose SweepBright as your Trigger App

2. CHOOSE A TRIGGER: Select a SweepBright Trigger.


4. ADD AN ACTION: This is where you choose what actually happens -- in this case, a Slack message is sent to your team -- when the trigger above occurs.

Then you compose the Slack message that will automatically be sent to your staff when any property’s status is changed to ‘Sold’. The message can include any generic text, (for example, in this case, ‘Congratulations!’) which will appear each time, plus any variable information you choose, such as the property title and location, the agent’s details, and an image.

The variable information is automatically populated by data you’ve already added to SweepBright, so there’s no need to add this information each time. You just have to create the Zap once and it will automatically pull the selected information from SweepBright for each particular property, every time a property’s status is changed to ‘Sold’.


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