Over 86% of property searches start online and with a massive 80% of people using Facebook on a daily basis, it is a great place to start. So how do you go about using it and what are the benefits to you and your team?

1. You are an expert of your neighborhood - share your knowledge

First off, you need to decide which social media channels you're going to use. Merely creating a page isn't enough. Your page needs to "live" and offer valuable information about the community or area you serve.

You've probably spent a good amount of time developing the knowledge that made your company or job position a success. Why not maximise the return on your knowledge ? You are an expert in your area... you just need to show it.

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to name but a few, you won't have time to run all of them to the best of your ability!

So start by signing up to the social media channel you feel most comfortable with or perhaps has the most/best experience with in the past. In short, choose the one you know best and be the best at it.

2. Be perceived as the pro that you are

When you're using social media, you need to remember that setting up a page dedicated to your professional agency itself is of great importance.

Although it might seem like a great idea to start adding work-related people to your personal profile, it doesn't give off the same air of professionalism that people have come to associate with real estate agents.

You can still post snappy and funny posts on your professional page but keep them relevant! Your customers don't really want to see how much you had to drink on the weekend ( especially if they were closing a deal with you the next day). Keep your private life somewhat private.


3. Pictures & videos are key to engage your audience.

Posting attractive photographs of your latest listings mixed with snapshots of the neighbourhood will entice people to have a look.

They won’t stop at the listing you’ve advertised! Once they’re looking through your website they’ll be hooked and will go through everything you offer (even if they’re not looking to buy!).

A long winded post won’t entice people anywhere near as much as a snazzy picture of your latest listing. Make sure you’ve got them edited to perfection and see how easy it is for people to become enticed.

4. Keep it short, fun and informative

A great way to build engagement is to post weekly "great buys". For example, choose a property that was a great deal or buy, and post it on your Facebook page.

Another thing you could do is to post "testimonials"; ask one of your happy clients if you can take a 25 seconds video with his positive reactions.

Also, don't forget to simply post your own listings! When possible, focus on specific hooks for better engagement.

Show off a beautiful listing you just earned and state a comment like "just listed". or post a picture of a property with comments like "price reduced" "adjusted financing deals", "It is coming soon".

We hope this got you motivated!

Sign up to the sites, get posting and enjoy what they have to offer. you'll soon find extra clients asking you about listings left and right.

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