Facebook lead ads for real estate agents

Millennials have entered the real estate market as the biggest segment of buyers, and many are looking to purchase their first homes. At least 83% of millennials have a Facebook account, and they are some of the most active users of the social media platform, using it for news, brand awareness, and communication. It is essential for real estate agents to keep up with the demographic shift of their target audience, and harness the power of Facebook ads.

What is the best way for real estate agents to advertise on Facebook?

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there are several strategies. One of the most effective can be lead ads. ‘Lead ads” allow you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

What Are Lead Ads?

  • Instant Form: Unlike other, more traditional alternatives, lead gen ads include a contact form which they call an “instant form.” Customers include their details, allowing businesses to follow up with them. Lead ads can be used to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information.

  • Ask Questions: You can even take this as an opportunity to ask questions (but not too many - you don’t want your audience to lose interest).

  • Autofill: When they hit your Call To Action button, Facebook fills in the form automatically, which the customers can edit before submitting.

  • Easily Download your Leads: Once your leads are obtained, you can download them directly from Facebook, or connect your leads to a CRM such as MailChimp or SweepBright.

  • Narrow Down your Perfect Audience: With lead ads, you can segment your audience based on a large range of factors, including demographics, location, interests and more.

 What does a good lead gen ad look like?

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Short text: keep your texts short - you could also add emoji's

  • CTA with Value: This ad contains a Call to Action which offers the customer value. 

  • Engagement: People have liked and commented on this ad. Potential buyers will see this positive engagement and trust your company - other people like it, so it must be good.

  • Urgency: The engagement on this ad may make a potential buyer feel a sense of urgency - look at how many people are reacting positively to this great deal. I need to act fast before it goes.

Narrow Down Your Target Audience:

Narrow Down Your Target Audience:

Facebook allows being very precise about who you are targeting. You can maximize on their investment, and utilize this data to fine-tune your target audience.

Are you ready to create your own lead ad? Follow these step by step instructions.

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