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During the past months we've been busy working on some new (and frequently requested) features, improvements & updates.. here below are a few of our favorites.

1. New look & feel

We have greatly simplified the navigation. You will now have only two tabs: Properties and Contacts. This update also introduces a map view that gives you a unique view on your properties.

2. What's updated

  • Updated: you can now use emoji 😍😱😜everywhere on the platform!
  • Updated: we've visually refreshed the look & feel 🔥
  • Updated: when you share a contact from your iOS contacts app to SweepBright, you can now select which team to send the contact to!
  • Updated: when a lead expresses interest in a property, we now also show where they came from.

3. What's new

  • New: we’ve completely rebuilt location preferences for contacts. You will now see the active location preferences for a contact, in stead of a list of all possible location preferences. We’ve also added location templates to your Team Settings. We think you’ll enjoy handling location preferences for contacts much better this way.
  • New: a much requested feature, you can now select multiple images and upload them at once. Gone are the days of picking 20 separate images.


That’s all for now, but we’ll be publishing again in December. If you want to get in touch earlier, feel free to chat with us !

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