With 414 million users on LinkedIn, and 106 million users logging on every day to engage with content and other professionals, LinkedIn is host to a significant marketing opportunity. According to Salesforce, LinkedIn’s audience has 2x the buying power of the average web-based audience. As print ads become outdated and expensive, many real estate agents and agencies are turning towards LinkedIn to target customized audiences in a new and powerful way. Through Linkedin’s Lead Generation Ads, real estate marketing has transformed into a data-driven cost-effective marketing superpower.

How do LinkedIn’s lead generation ads work?

LinkedIn Lead Generation ads allow LinkedIn users to target specific people through different demographic data, making ads focused and accurate. LinkedIn users can choose to advertise based on a user’s company, industry, seniority, location, and more.

With such specific data, ads are sure to reach a highly relevant audience, in fact, according to Hubspot, conversation rates on LinkedIn’s platform are 3x higher than that on other online advertising platforms.  LinkedIn Lead Generation ads are available in a variety of forms, including on the desktop, in messages, and in the newsfeed. With this variety, advertisers have flexible options with which to reach other professionals effectively.

So, how do the ads actually work? There are a couple of essential features to familiarize yourself with:

  • Pay per click text ads

These ads allow users to formulate ads with a small image along with headline and description. Pay per click means you will only pay when a user clicks your ad, so if you have put in the work to create a specific and appropriate ad, this can be a great budget-friendly way to advertise on Linkedin.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting is a popular option on Facebook and Google Ads, and it has now reached the LinkedIn platform as well. Retargeting allows advertisers to “follow” users and their internet behavior. This means that through this cookie-based technology, after a user visits your website, you can show them an ad on their LinkedIn account, gently reminding them of your presence.

  • Lead Gen Forms

These forms use data collected from users profiles to increase the chances that their information, such as first name, last name, and email, are accurate and pre-filled in the form. In today’s world of over saturation on social media, a pre-filled form can be the tipping point for a user to complete the form as it involves less work for them, they merely need to click submit. Lead generation forms can then be connected to tools such as MailChimp or SweepBright.

Even if you are new to using lead generation ads on LinkedIn, conversion tracking and built-in analytics can help to streamline and produce more effective ads. LinkedIn boasts a Campaign Manager that offers real-time reporting, allowing users to receive accurate data about their campaigns and make judgments on its effectiveness.

Real Estate Marketing & Lead Generation Ads

Real estate has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the emergence of social media marketing. Long gone are the days of print ads (bench ad, anyone?), and now agents and agencies are turning to social media platforms to reach more people. LinkedIn’s Lead Gen ads hold the potential for agents and agencies alike.

  • Ad structure

Expensive billboards and print ads are out, so be creative with images, video, interesting headlines, and compelling description. Today users are over saturated with online content, so be as authentic and engaging as people to drive clicks and leads. Headlines and descriptions have a character limited so be sure to be exact and quick to the point. A colorful or stand-out photo will also help to drive clicks.

  • Networking

Targeted advertising on LinkedIn can also involve agent-to-agent driven ads. Connecting with other agents and building professional relationships through the platform could provide for the opportunity for collaboration or referrals in the future. Be creative with your ads and reach other agents, you will be surprised what may come of it!

  • Promote yourself

Be sure when running an ad that your profile or company profile is up to date. This means having a professional and inviting headshot, as well as a cover photo. Don’t forget your cover photo can handle text, so you may want to include a link to your website on it. Bolster your skills section by asking former clients or colleagues to write recommendations and endorse your unique skills. A strong profile adds credibility and authority to your cause.

Now you have the basics to try LinkedIn ads. Don’t be afraid to experiment with creative text and headlines, with a little trial and error you will find the right formula for your specific marketing needs. Incorporating data-driven marketing efforts on LinkedIn’s platform will ensure a bright and profitable future within the world of real estate.


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