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Being successful as a real estate agent requires you to make a personal connection with your clients. You rely on being able to build a relationship and then use that to get your clients what they need. Less than ten years ago the best way to start to build those connections was via phone calls. Nowadays most people’s preferred communication methods do not rely on talking on the phone. This can leave you send out countless unanswered and ignored emails and messages. There is a better way!

Video emails are one of the top tools available to help you make the connections with your clients that you need. BombBomb is a great example of a tool that makes video email work for you.

Quick and easy

Recording a video is an easy process, you can do it on a phone, your laptop or desktop. With an integrated system like BombBomb you can embed the video directly into the email, so when they open your message they can see you instantly.

You can have a few stock videos made up that you can use with new or potential clients, and some that you send out to try and entice old clients back. If you already use SweepBright then BombBomb integrates seamlessly through Zapier. Any leads you collect through SweepBright are immediately sent through to your BombBomb mailing lists.

Personal connection

As a real estate agent, you often use your personality to connect to your customers. Having to rely on email makes it much harder to really draw your clients in and build their trust. The printed word on a computer screen can’t convey nearly as much as a 30 second video saying the same things.

Using a video gives you the opportunity to go back to selling directly to your client. You can play to your strengths and make your email stand out from all the other walls of text that people have filling their inboxes.

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Increased responses

Once you start using video email correctly, you will find that you suddenly start getting a significant higher number of responses to your contact. Video is easy to consume, so people will watch your video when they wouldn’t have read the text.

BombBomb surveyed their users and found that using video email gets you 81% more replies which is a huge difference. The part that is going to make you realize how great this is though is that sellers using BombBomb were able to convert 68% more leads into sales. What difference would that make to your business if you had 68% more conversions?

Technology is improving and consumers are changing their habits. You need to make sure that you are utilizing the best tools out there. Using SweepBright in combination with BombBomb will allow you to see a property, create a listing in seconds and then send a quick video to potential leads from the very house you are offering to them. All before you even walk out the door.

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