Your responsibilities in a nutshell

  • Update existing systems developed in PHP-Laravel using Node.js and Python. Help us to make the move towards a microservices architecture. You will have your hands full with AWS Lambdas and ECS.
  • Improve and maintain our Web App and customizable Agency Sites. On the front-end, we work with React, GraphQL, Gatsby and Netlify. We count on you to bring our apps to the next level.
  • Turn functional specs into technical specs and then into code.
  • Write efficient, tested, and safe code that is easy to read and extend.
  • Take a pragmatic approach in finding and fixing problems.
  • Help colleagues to write better code through PR reviews and pair programming sessions.
  • Sync with the product team about functional specs to explain what is easy or hard to do and giving feedback to help shape the future of the product.
  • Write detailed and clear documentation whenever necessary.
  • Own features from A (product spec) to Z (deploy) and be responsible for a successful release.

We’ve created a mobile platform, making the real estate sales process dramatically more efficient. Our platform is easy to use, likeable, accessible on the go and works seamlessly with third-party applications. At SweepBright, we cut through the bullshit, take responsibility, work fast and independently & love to get stuff done. Sounds like you? If so, we promise you a hell of a ride!

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Do you have what it takes?

  • 3 years of day-to-day experience with developing Node.js applications.
  • 2 years of day-to-day experience with React. Proven experience working on a complex app using version control (Git).
  • 2 years of experience with at least two backend languages (for example PHP and Python).
  • Day-to-day working experience with AWS (Lambda, Kinesis, SNS, SQS, Dynamo).
  • Love shipping a high-quality product.
  • Communicate effectively in English.
  • CV in English (we are international team and we speak internally in English).
  • Time zone: CET ± 2 hours.
  • Advantage: technical leadership experience leading project teams and setting technical direction.
  • Advantage: 6 years of software development experience.
  • Advantage: experience with serverless applications and building and architecting REST APIs.
  • Advantage: experience with microservice architecture using a Pub/Sub communication strategy.
  • Advantage: experience with GraphQL servers and clients.
  • Advantage: experience with unit testing, integration testing and end to end testing. TDD is a no-brainer.

Benefits? Of course.

  • Being part of a high growth scale-up in PropTech, with a global product and international ambition
  • Unlimited learning & growth potential
  • A shared “we’ll change the world” mentality and drive
  • A competitive salary package, fitted to your needs

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