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Residential real estate

Create and manage listings on the go and save precious time.

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Selected features:

Listing management

  • Mobile listing intake
  • Images & Video, Documents, Plans
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Schedule visits & open homes
  • Multi language, currency & metric systems


  • Interaction tracking
  • Lead capturing
  • Vendor reporting
  • Multiple search preferences
  • Activity timeline

Marketing hub

  • Matching
  • Instant visibility
  • Agency website
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing dashboards - coming soon!

Sales enablement

  • Sales funnel management
  • Team management
  • Sales dashboards - coming soon!
  • Entreprise architecture
  • Interface skinning
  • Intercom takeover

Agency website

  • SweepBright template
  • Your brand
  • Adaptable styling
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO optimised
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Video, 360° images & Google maps
  • Lead capturing
  • Website API

Data & analytics

  • Sales dashboard - coming soon!
  • Actions dashboard - coming soon!
  • Marketing dashboard - coming soon!

Automations & integrations

  • Workspace automation via Zapier
  • Google, iCloud, Office 365, Exchage & Outlook calendar integration
  • Native integrations
  • Integrations API

Boost your business

  • MoveBotler
  • TransactionMap


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Payment plan

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Frequently asked questions

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Does SweepBright work in my country?

That's a question we hear a lot and the answer is yes. SweepBright was designed from the onset with a global approach in mind. In that sense, certain aspects of our features are localised to the country of your listing or of your company.

For example in Australia a terrace will become a deck. You can even use different metric systems, languages and currencies across one single SweepBright account.

Who is it for at my agency?

Basically for everyone working in marketing, sales, back-office, customer relationship management and management positions.

SweepBright is really a modern agency's operating system letting everyone in your organisation work on its own area of expertise while creating synergies and productivity gains for all.

Can I migrate from my legacy software?

Yes you can! We have created some tools to help you transfer all your listings and contacts into SweepBright so that you have everything at your fingertips when you are going live.

You can choose to have our professional service experts help you with that or you can do it by yourself from within the app.

Are you planning new features?

Definitely! We want to help agencies of any kind and around the world offer a spectacular service to their customers.

For that, we are working almost around the clock to free you from low value tasks and redundant work. Feel free to pitch us your suggestions!

Bright sparks who made the switch

"Thanks in no small part to the mobile aspect of SweepBright's platform I can make 2 to 3 times more visits per week than before, and therefore close more deals."

Emmanuel Louf, CEO
ImmoHabitat - Belgium

"We’ve been working with SweepBright for over 2 years and the biggest feature is our agents becoming truly mobile so they can free up time to better serve their clients & leads. Their team is very responsive for market feedback and provides an open & personal communication."

Dries François, CEO
Immo François - Belgium

"Since our agents spend most of their time on the road, we needed a modern, mobile-driven technology that we could combine with other tools and apps in our stack. It is this vision that led us to choose SweepBright and with it, take a massive step forward for Century 21 Benelux."

Isabelle Vermeir, CEO
Century 21 - Belgium

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