Comprehensive insights

Visual reporting of your agency performance - coming soon!

Monitor listings at each stage of the transaction and keep an eye on your marketing and ad-spend.

With real time insights from our sales & marketing dashboards you can track your agency sales and marketing performance across different listings segments and transaction types.

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Actionable dashboards

Realtime data - coming soon!

Our customers love SweepBright because it brings focus, agility, and confidence to their work.

Our simple yet powerful dashboards provide visual and easy to read overview for people who take action and get results. 

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For any type of agency.
Anywhere in the world.

Your customers have changed ...
Has your real estate agency?


Residential real estate

We Invest

By leveraging technology and social media, WeInvest is writing a unique success story, illustrating the rise of next-generation agencies using modern tools such as SweepBright and new channels to boost their business.

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Case study

Tech is reshaping the industry and enabling new agency models. So we created SweepBright to enable any agency to become far more efficient & increase customer facing time.

Bright sparks who made the switch

"Thanks in no small part to the mobile aspect of SweepBright's platform I can make 2 to 3 times more visits per week than before, and therefore close more deals."

Olivier Connan, Agent
WeInvest - Belgium

"I fell in love with SweepBright's app. What truly caught my eye was its simplicity, intuitiveness and the fact that it is helping our agents become truly mobile while they can free up time to better serve their clients & leads."

Antonia Mercorella, CEO
The REIQ - Australia

"Since our agents spend most of their time on the road, we needed a modern, mobile-driven technology that we could combine with other tools and apps in our stack. It is this vision that led us to choose SweepBright and with it, take a massive step forward for Century 21 Benelux."

Isabelle Vermeir, CEO
Century 21 - Belgium