Keep your team informed with SweepBright + Slack

A vendor just signed your contract.

Don't waste a minute and inform your team about the next steps and the good news.  

By pairing SweepBright with Slack, you can have this process run automatically and make sure your team never misses out on any new deal coming in.



Slack is a free collaboration tool used by millions of professionals that you can use on your desktop and your phone to stay in touch with your team in an organised and efficient way.

Many real estate agencies use internal messaging apps such as Slack to speed up communications and improve collaboration between team members.

  • Productivity
  • Communication

What does it look like?

Watch this automation in action. When one of your agent marks a property as under contract, your team gets an automatic notification on your chosen Slack channel. Boom!

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How to set it up?

SweepBright works great with Zapier so you can pass information between SweepBright and thousands of other apps such as Slack. Here are a few template workflows called Zaps to help you get started.

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