Listing intake

Adding a listing is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes. Adjust the sliders and toggle the various options. You can add features from an array of options, images, plans and even generate your own documents on the spot.


Images & Video, Documents, Plans


Images & video

Your phone is equipped with an extremely capable camera. Use it to snap some images, enrich and publish your listing without delay. You can even add 360° images and videos.



SweepBright lets you add, create and store all your documents along with your listing. Generate your own documents and have them signed on your phone.



Just as with images and documents, you can add plans to your listing or have a professional come by and upload the plans to your listing directly.

All your content

Unlimited cloud-based storage for your listings

SweepBright lets you store all your content such as documents, plans and high-resolution images, in one place. SweepBright offers you unlimited and secured storage. 

Invite your photographer and be notified when his images are uploaded to your listing. 

Do you need to obtain documents from the vendor, lawyer or a notary? Send them a request and get notified when the documents are uploaded.

By gone are the days where you needed to sift trough your clogged mailbox.  


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Scheduling visits & open homes

SweepBright lets you schedule and register visits with your vendors and leads.

Scheduled visits appear in your negotiators' calendar as well as the vendors' or leads' calendar automatically with all the useful details. 

Open homes or auction dates can be planned and displayed on your website.

Extend the power of SweepBright's listing management:

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Discover how much time you can save on each new listing

SweepBright lets you reduce the amount of time you spend on creating new listings so you can focus on what you do best. Closing deals.

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    4 hours

Savings with SweepBright

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*Estimated cost = 35/ hour

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