With SweepBright, listings and contacts are easily matched so you can instantly get in touch. 

Send matching properties to relevant leads, or choose to call, text or send an e-mail to preferred contacts.

Your actions are registered automatically and associated with the appropriate contact and listing automatically. 


Instant visibility

Publish listings instantaneously to your own website, social media channels and a range of real estate portals to ensure they are seen as quickly as possible.

Choose which details to include, such as price or location, as you publish.

With SweepBright you can publish your listing to multiple channels at once, before you are out the door.

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Agency website

Our industry leading website template, is your guarantee for a future-proof website that is accessible on any device.

Make it yours by applying your own branding and styling, and expand it by adding features such as chat or visit scheduling, to give your visitors a superior and more personal customer experience.

SweepBright also offers an API, should you wish to build a fully custom website.

Discover an example here.



Campaign management

Leverage the power of social media, property portals or search engines and capture leads from your different campaigns into SweepBright.  

With so many different advertising channels it is becoming harder  to keep track of incoming demands scattered around your various advertising and communication tools. SweepBright helps you make sure you never skip a lead.

Pair SweepBright with other apps to create complex lead nurturing campaigns that ensure prospective buyers or sellers never leave the sales funnel without proper care.

campaign management

Marketing dashboards

Coming soon!

Monitor your marketing and ad-spend, and get visual reports on every part of your agency’s advertising performance.

With our powerful marketing dashboards you can continuously track the source and engagement of your leads, and allocate your advertising resources accordingly.

Extend the power of SweepBright's marketing hub:

See all automations & integrations

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For any type of agency.
Anywhere in the world.

Your customers have changed ...
Has your real estate agency?


Residential real estate

Immo Beenders

With SweepBright as digital backbone, Immo Beenders has succeeded in doubling its productivity! 

Discover how your agency can achieve similar gains.

Download automation playbook

Download automation playbook

Tech is reshaping the industry and enabling new agency models. So we created SweepBright to enable any agency to become far more efficient & increase customer facing time.

Bright sparks who made the switch

"Thanks in no small part to the mobile aspect of SweepBright's platform I can make 2 to 3 times more visits per week than before, and therefore close more deals."

Emmanuel Louf, CEO
ImmoHabitat - Belgium

"We’ve been working with SweepBright for over 2 years and the biggest feature is our agents becoming truly mobile so they can free up time to better serve their clients & leads. Their team is very responsive for market feedback and provides an open & personal communication."

Dries François, CEO
Immo François - Belgium

"Since our agents spend most of their time on the road, we needed a modern, mobile-driven technology that we could combine with other tools and apps in our stack. It is this vision that led us to choose SweepBright and with it, take a massive step forward for Century 21 Benelux."

Isabelle Vermeir, CEO
Century 21 - Belgium